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Ice Cube Speaks About the Rise of New LA Rap Talent

Ice CubeGangsta rapper Ice Cube may have slowed down in his music production over the years due to his mid career lust for making Hollywood movies and comedy sitcoms, but the rap pioneer is still very much aware on what’s happening around the music world. In a recent interview with MTV, Cube was asked to give his opinion on the recent surge of Los Angeles MCs trying to break out on the mainstream rap scene. The Anaconda actor replied that while he thinks upcoming rappers are being deprived of some much deserved airplay, they are doing all the right things to get noticed.

The rapper Ice Cube, otherwise known as O’Shea Jackson, expressed his unhappiness with the current radio stations. Cube thinks that apart from stations like KDAY, others have stopped supporting the hip hop community like they used to do in the late 80s and early 90s when Cube got his big break with N.W.A.

However, Cube thinks that the lack of attention from radio stations may actually be working in the new generation’s favour. He said that on the dark side, radio is responsible for messing up many promising artists’ careers because instead of focusing on their music, they get obsessed with their material getting air time. Cube believes this practice is detrimental to the creation of quality rap music.

Does this mean that Ice Cube favors new age technologies like Internet over radio? Not exactly. The ‘Are We There Yet’ –comedian thinks that even though upstart MCs like Nipsey Hussle, Pac Div, Odd Future benefit from getting their music promoted over the internet, there is still the menace of file sharing and music piracy which Ice Cube believes ultimately deprived them of the money they could have earned had they not chosen internet as their main musical outlet.

While Cube has his doubts about the opinions that the new LA rappers are tough enough to make the Hollywood city the premier hip hop destination in the US, he believes the new artists should get credit for their variety of styles. LA always had the creativity and it is not like everyone is trying to follow the set pattern, which is a promising sign according to Ice Cube.

The 41 year old is set to star in the movie adaptation of ’21 Jump Street’ and even though he has his hands full with his ongoing cable TV commitments. Ice Cube is also very keen on bringing the legendary rap clan N.W.A. story to the big screen.

He revealed that they are currently devising the script for the movie and so far everything is working smoothly. The multi-talented star added that N.W.A. is the story of a group from a small neighborhood that affected many around it, and hence the story deserves to be told to the world.

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