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Nate Dogg Tribute at the Los Angeles DUB Car Show

Passing away of rapper Nate Dogg is still fresh in the minds of his fans, and the air at the 2011 DUB car show and concert held at Los Angeles Convention Center on March 27th. Many still in grief as the late rapper’s colleagues and fans turned up in bunches to catch a glimpse of the hottest wheels in town. The event was attended by several high profile music artists such as Lupe Fiasco, the Game, Lazy Bone and Waka Flocka Flame.

The exhibition was staged a day after Nate was laid to rest, and even though it wasn’t a memorial for the former Death Row musician, it eventually turned out to be an event where his music was celebrated yet again when his long-time pal DJ Quik decided to play Nate-only music. The DJ/producer also introduced Nate’s song Nigel to the listeners and he rapped his father’s highly acclaimed record ‘Regulate’.

Power 106 radio host Big Boy, who was one of the speakers at the funeral the previous day, said that the fresh memories of Nate’s burial and then watching his 15 year old son perform at the convention gave out a lot of positive energy. He further added that since they shared their time in the incredible company of Nate Dogg, therefore, it is their duty to honor the man, now that he has gone back to his creator. He also commended Nate for introducing so many great musicians to the industry by using his influence and his ability to pick out talent.

Snoop and Nate’s long-time counselor Archbishop Don Magic Juan also paid his tribute to the late rapper by saying that they will miss their hook man- highlighting Nate’s likeness for lending his catchy hooks to so many artists during his career. He also revealed that Snoop Dogg was so moved by watching Nate in the open casket that he nearly fainted- an incident which proves how unreal the whole experience has been for the whole team.

While the night official sound definitely was Nate Dogg’s music, Bone Thugs N Harmony‘s Lazy Bone also drew everyone’s attention towards another West Coast rapper Eazy-E, who died 16 years ago. He said that like Nate, Eazy-E gave him and many others the break they needed to surface on the mainstream music scene, and it is his duty to remember and acknowledge him for what he did for them during his lifetime.

The Convention Center was filled with hoards of people and state-of-the-art vehicles ranging from Chevrolet to Escalades, and while physically it was a car event, in spirit it definitely was a Nate Dogg gathering.

Considering that Nate’s legacy turned a car show into his memorial, it is a safe estimate that in the coming weeks this trend will continue, and more events to celebrate the music of this Long Beach-born rapper will be organized.

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