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Wale the next Kayne West? Rick Ross says yes.

Rick Ross must have been disappointed after not being able to sign 2010’s breakout MC Wiz Khalifa, who rejected Ross-owned Maybach Music Group’s advances in favor of Atlantic Records. But as things turned out, the Miami MC isn’t complaining, after seeing his own prodigy ‘Wale’ shine.

Ross believes Wale’s potential is of the same level as of Kanye West and Yeezy, Wale also has an unorthodox style that could eventually make him as big of a star as West. In an interview with MTV, Ross boldly predicted that Wale is destined to emulate Kanye’s success one day.

Ross, who recently signed both Wale and Meek Mill, said that both his new acquisitions may be a little different than what is being heard in the music industry at the moment, however both appear to feel very comfortable in their enviroment.

Ross said that during the past summer, which he spent working with Kanye in studios; he learned a lot of different themes and ideas being tried out. He revealed how he was present in the crazy development process of ‘Flashing Lights,’ whose title was change multiple times, and he thinks Wale has the same attitude as Kanye when it comes to music making.

As one whose been able to experience the musical genius of Kanye, as well as the budding talent of Wale, Ross could be considered an authority on the subject. He said that while there is no doubt that Yeezy is one of the greatest musicians of this generation, it wouldn’t be surprising if Wale becomes as accomplished of an artist as Kanye is now.

Currently, the Bawse (Ross) is busy working on his group’s ‘Self Made’ album along with other artists of his company such as Masspike Miles, Triple C fam and Pill. The collection is scheduled to drop on May 24, which the Ross clan likes to call “Maybach 24.” Ross revealed that after this group effort, Wale would embark on a solo album, which would be ready in the 2-3 months time frame.

While Ross openly tipped Wale to be in the news in the coming years, it is the Maybach Music chief himself who is finding his name in the news currently, although it may not be exactly the type of news he had wished for. Ross was apprehended last week on charges for possession of illegal drugs although later released with a misdemeanor summons.

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