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Snoop Dogg Loving New Wave of West Coast Musicians

Snoop DoggSince breaking out on the mainstream music scene with longtime pal Dr. Dre on ‘Deep Cover,’ Snoop Dogg has went from being a hot up and comer to a premier hip hop artist and is now enjoying the elite status of a rap icon. The West Coast rapper has always recognized the efforts of those who helped him during his early time in the music industry and in return he has never shied away from lending a helping hand to the newcomers of the new generation, especially who are from the West Coast.

Speaking in a recent interview with MTV, Snoop said that he is very familiar and fond of the new generation of MCs coming out of the West and enjoys the title ‘Uncle Snoop,’ to which he is generally referred by them. He revealed that every now and then young musicians visit him, seeking advice and he connects with them very well. Snoop said that he is always on the lookout for new material that comes from the street and always feels proud of his West Coast heritage.

Unlike Snoop, not all the rap veterans are so fond of the new talent coming up. But that does not deter the upstarts from trying their luck in the tumultuous rap game. They want to follow in the footsteps of legends like Snoop and Dre, but are wary of copying their style too much.

Even though Snoop and some others like him try to do whatever they can to promote the youngies and sometimes make appearance on their material so they can get a marketing lift, the reality is that even if they do agree to grant them such a push, the potential costs reach such dizzying heights that it effectively becomes impossible for the young MCs to take this option. Snoop revealed that when such rappers are talented enough or the material they possess packs genuine quality, then he gives them large discounts for the sake of his love for new music.

The lanky MC said that he try not to push artists to the limit cost wise, because it would not be meaningful if he helps them out with the musical part, but his fees force them in an uncomfortable position.

His generosity and positive relationships are one of the major factors why the Cali rapper has been able to survive in the rap game for nearly 20 years now. The last rapper out of Los Angeles to make it big was the Game, but Snoop played his part to promote the Hollywood city rappers like Nipsey Hussle, Glasses Malone and YG among others.

Talking about the massive surge of musician emerging from nowhere, Snoop said that the artists of the present era are more bold and ready to take chances. They intend to do something about their destiny rather than sitting and waiting for radio stations to play their material. He credited the Internet with the fast changing musical scene and said, “When you get those views on the Internet, sometimes to me that means way more than a record sale. Because you got people stopping they day to pay attention to you and see you do their thing in a real way.”

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