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Akon: Collaboration With Nick Cannon Was Way Overdue

AkonAkon may have been away from the music limelight in 2011, but it won’t be long until the Lonely-singer is back in the thick of things, just the way he loves to be.

The Senegalese-American hooked up with MTV News on the set of Nick Cannon’s ‘Famous’ music video and said that a joint venture with the actor-cum-rapper has been on his mind for quite some time.

Akon said that he liked ‘Famous’ when he heard it and revealed that he wanted to try his luck in the family-friendly material. And since Cannon is the best at doing that kind of stuff, according to Akon, a collaboration between them was long overdue.

As always, the singer/producer was very friendly during the interview, however, he shied out from answering any questions regarding the release date of his next studio project titled ‘Stadium.’ As things stand, the album is scheduled for release in September 2011. In one of his late 2010 interviews, Akon had divulged that dance music specialist and friend David Guetta has also chipped in on his next album. In the short term, he plans to go on brief musical tours and unveil fresh music, in order to satisfy the musical hunger of his eager fans, although he has still not made up his mind about the order of the release.

…super psyched about the album …

Akon said that he is super psyched about the album but he can’t decide which track he should release first. However, he promised that he will put his brain to work very soon and will definitely formulate the order of release by the end of the current month.

He may not have been completely sure about a few things related to his personal solo project, but Akon was full of praise for industry veteran Dr. Dre for whose yet-to-be released album, Detox, the R&B singer contributed several tracks. Akon echoed the comments passed by many artists who have worked with the famous beat maker by saying, “Dre is one of those guys … he’s a perfectionist in his own [right].”

Dr DreAkon said that artists feel confident and completely comfortable at working with Dre, as he never lets anything go incomplete and always makes sure that everyone gives their 100 percent in the studios. Dre’s undying enthusiasm for making music and his habit of fine tuning everything excites his fellow recording artists so much that sometimes Dre’s collaborators can’t wait to unleash the perfected material in the market. He also appreciated Dre for inviting him to do multiple tracks on Detox, which is a big honour considering the fact that the West coast rapper is very picky when it comes to collaborating with other artists.

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