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Blink 182: Moving on after Producer Jerry Finn’s Death

Blink 182Blink 182’s bass guitarist and co-lead singer Mark Hoppus sat down with MTV last week and revealed how the punk rock band is trying hard to finally wrap up the album, which they have been working on for a long time now.

Hoppus said that one of the main reasons for the massive delay has been the fact that all the three band members have their personal projects and therefore, finding time for Blink 182 has been tough for them all. However, what many don’t know is that band suffered a major blow three years ago when their longtime producer Jerry Finn died. Not only did he supervise the trio’s last three studio inventions, but he also advised them on their personal and business matters and critiqued their music without any bias. Finn also contributed his part in the studio, where his valuable suggestions helped the Blink fine-tune their multiplatinum music. The producer has been associated with the group since their 1997 album Dude Ranch, which is why Hoppus thinks that they are so badly shaken up by his untimely death.

Hoppus said that Jerry had always been there supervising matters for them, and it feels weird and sad not being able to see him in the studio. However, they are determined to finish the recording, and are finally moving on from the major but little-publicized setback.

During his lifetime, Finn’s contribution was discussed by the Blink members on a few occasions, but Hoppus explained that it’s only now that they realize how important he was for the team. He added that they are still figuring out how to fill the void and must come up with a solution for the smooth working of the band’s operations.

Like I said, it sucks not having him there. But this is just another step in the legacy of Blink-182

According to Hoppus, Finn always remained impartial and non-biased in all his opinions for the band, and when one of them showed him work that was not up to their standards, he was always straight and honest. The band members have had problems working with each other in the past, and this is why Finn’s presence as the party to resolve all the creative differences was very vital. But Hoppus thinks that they are now doing what Finn always did for them by being totally honest with each other. If anyone thinks that a particular part of the song is not right, they quickly speak their minds in front of everyone.

When asked if they have completely gotten over Finn’s demise, Hoppus replied that they have weathered the storm and have come out as a stronger unit than before. “Like I said, it sucks not having him there. But this is just another step in the legacy of Blink-182,” he concluded.

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