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Britney Spears is in a Genre of her Own

Britney Spears

Since her arrival on the musical scene almost 15 years ago, Britney Spears has been on the forefront of the pop music industry. From her cute teen looks to sexy dance track, Britney has done all that could be done while remaining in the boundaries of pop music, and according to her longtime music producer Dr. Luke, his client has now become bigger than the pop genre itself.

During his interview with MTV at the ASCAP Pop Music Awards, Luke pointed at songs like Toxic’ and ‘Piece of Me’ and ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ to prove his point and said that apart from all of them being influential, they also are shining examples that Britney can’t be confined to a single genre.

So when the duo took to the studio for the creation of Femme Fatale, Luke said that he kept the experimental musical nature of Britney in his mind. He recalled “She wanted to keep on with that and do stuff that was forward-thinking. So we put some dubstep stuff in there, in bridges; snuck it in different places and I hope it ended up good. I hope you like it.”

Considering the long breaks Britney takes between her albums nowadays, her every LP is considered as a comeback collection by the media and her fans. But according to Luke, Brit never really goes off the pop scene. He again had proof to prove his point. Luke said that Britney’s shows have always been sell-outs and her records have always done good business wise, so her relinquishment of the pop music throne was never a question.

“Where’d she go? I don’t know. I didn’t know she ever disappeared, really. She’s always been selling out concerts and records, so I don’t know that she ever disappeared,” he said.


When quizzed about their future plans and what’s in store for the Britney freaks, Luke wasn’t letting anything off his chest. “Not yet … give me a second to breathe, come up for air!” he said in an authoritative manner that killed the little remaining curiosity in the interviewer.

But one thing that we know is on Team-Britney’s minds is to keep the Femme Fatale music fresh. Their remix of ‘Till the World Ends’ remix featuring the songwriter Ke$ha herself and rapper cum pop singer Nicki Minaj, clearly shows that they want to extend the honeymoon period of Femme Fatale for as long as they can.

Dr. Luke explained, “Well, we already had Ke$ha on the song ’cause she co-wrote the song … and she sounded really good on it. And then Nicki got on the Femme Fatale Tour so we put Nicki on it and it just sounded amazing. She killed it.”

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