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Glenn Beck Labels My Chemical Romance’s ‘Sing’ As Propaganda

Glenn Beck & My Chemical RomanceFamously conservative minded radio host Glenn Beck may have been finding it hard to come up with controversial topics to talk about, which is evident by his bizarre attack on My Chemical Romance’s single ‘Sing.’ Much to the astonishment of MCR fans and even Beck’s listeners, he recently labeled ‘Sing’ as ‘propaganda.’

In the Thursday’s episode of his self-titled Fox News program, Beck kicked of the proceedings by first blasting the contents of the musical TV show ‘Glee,’ which in his own words, he watched in “stunned horror and admiring awe.” He then swiftly switched focus and started to explain his analysis of “Sing’s” lyrical contents. Beck, who is notable for his longs tirades on almost every subject that comes to his mind, then recited the song’s lyrics with fervent fright.

He warned, “Pay attention to the lyrics. This is propaganda … it’s an anthem saying ‘Join us.’ How can you and I possibly win against that?”

Why would he talk about My Chemical Romance’s song on his show? Well, he wanted to caution his listeners that they have to be super careful about the quality and content of the material that they are exposing their children to. The terror-instilling host then declared, “Our whole culture right now is set up for you and the values you grew up on to lose.  You don’t have to live by the standards that society has set. You know what is right.”

MCR first performed ‘Sing’ on a February episode of the famed musical TV show Glee, and soon after the devastating March 11 earthquake that hit southern Japan, the band decided to re-release the song with a new charity-edge to it, so that it could help charity organization Red Cross in their efforts of gathering donations for the calamity stricken people of Japan. The idea of adding the charity touch to it came when one of the band members noticed that lots of people were quoting lyrics of their song to give hope to the Japanese.

My Chemical Romance guitarist Ray Toro explained, “We talked about something that we could do, and at first we were thinking about writing a new song to raise money for charity. And on Twitter, something we had seen was #SINGitforjapan, and it was kids starting this Twitter feed, writing messages of hope. And that really inspired us, and we just set to work, and after a couple weeks, we were able to pull this thing together.”

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