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Judas Team Explains Lady Gaga’s Personality

Lady Gaga Poker FaceThere are many sides of Lady Gaga’s vastly creative and somewhat enigmatic character. She’s the premier pop superstar of the world, a fashion pioneer and a social activist for those, who are ill-treated and neglected by the masses. The “Born This Way star assumed the role of Mary Magdalene in her latest ‘Judas’ music video and her co-star from the project Rick Gonzalez and Norman Reedus, who played the roles of Jesus and Judas respectively, have come forward to explain what it is like to work with her.

Ina recent interview with MTV, Reedus went first and described Gaga as a super cool girl from New York. He revealed that Gaga is religious and offers her prayers regularly. He described the Mother Monster as a team player, who is not afraid to speak her mind out and unlike the perceived-opinion; Reedus said that she is not weird in any way. He further added that Gaga is a very bold and open-minded artist, who loves challenges and ‘really takes the bull by the horns.’

Judas video’s Jesus, Gonzalez also chimed in and said that a major part of her cool attitude is transferred in her on-set chemistry with her creative director and pal Laurieann Gibson. He recalled that during his first meeting with the Poker Face-singer, he found her ‘passionate and very driven.’ The meeting left a long lasting impression on the actor and he said that Gaga’s hard work and dedication to her profession made him respect her even more than before. Gonzalez also highlighted the work of Gibson and added that both the females make a great team together.

He then suggested, “I think you’re going to see a lot more amazing things with them, ’cause they totally have this synergy. And I’ve overheard them say it: They’re totally going to do a lot more things together. So I’m excited to see what that’s stuff going to be. … It’s really impressive.”

In recent times, everything that the thought-provoking singer does seems to attract some sort of controversy, but according to Reedus, Gaga never intends to hurt people and any offense caused by her material is purely coincidental. He said that Gaga is way too cool to pull such stunts and she would never intentionally write stuff that would provoke controversy.

Talking about Gaga’s famous work ethic, Reedus said that she works like a machine and he felt really slow in front of her, when he tried to match her shoulder to shoulder. “That girl works really, really hard. … I felt sort of lazy around her. It was kind of inspiring,” he concluded.

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