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Lady Gaga in Full Flow at the Cannes Film Festival

If there is any one in the music industry who can completely steal the limelight of an event, it is Lady Gaga. In early May, she registered herself in attendance at the Cannes Film Festival in order to perform on the French TV program ‘Le Grand Journal.’

Before the actual show, the Mother Monster was seen in a bright leather vest with the words ‘Born This Way’ printed on its back. On top of the highly fashionable vest, she dyed her hair in multiple colors to leave the rest of the A-list celebrities looking all alike, giving the audience more of a ‘Gaga and the others’ type of theme.

In truth, Gaga stole the spotlight long before being formally invited on stage to sing her latest Born This Way song, ‘Judas.’ Accompanied by an entourage of hunky male dancers to back her up, Gaga unleashed a high energy version of Judas in her trademark style in front of thousands of perplexed fans.

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Though performing in front of large audiences is nothing new or unusual for the Poker Face singer, the venue had become so full of anxious spectators that she couldn’t help herself from commenting, “It’s beautiful; it’s very, very busy, but it’s really nice to be here.” However, Gaga was visibly excited to sing with the Mediterranean at her back, remarking that she would like to take a dip in the ocean after the show.

Her jewelry-laden golden vest and multicolored hair style became the talk of the hour once again when the show host Michel Denisot asked her to explain her attire to the audience. She explained, “I was really obsessed with religious imagery and fashion for the ‘Judas’ video. I’ve been wearing very romantic, very biblical arrangements, and I always throw in some punk rock for good measure.”

Gaga had recently appeared on the TV-based reality singing contest ‘American Idol’ and very soon her fans will be able to catch her material on another medium too. From mid-May, the pop diva’s ‘Born This Way’ songs are scheduled to be played on the famous Facebook game ‘Farmville’, which is expected to be another marketing hit from Team Gaga ahead of her album’s much anticipated and publicized full debut on May 23.


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