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‘California King Bed’ Features a Different Flavor of Rihanna

California King Bed’s  music video featured a soft side of Rihanna’s personality. A post-love affair look was perfectly packed in the visuals by the director Anthony Mandler.

Rihanna and Mandler are quite familiar with each other, having previously collaborated for the videos of ‘Russian Roulette’ and ‘Only Girl (In the World).’ Hence, their track record suggests that a working musical chemistry certainly exists between the two. During a recent interview with MTV News, Mandler talked about how he and RiRi discovered a brand new side of the singer’s ever-evolving personality in their latest joint venture.

Mandler revealed that Rihanna has this professional ability through the use of which, she never goes out of her on-screen character. He said that the Umbrella-singer always gives her level best no matter what kind of task she has on her hands. He added, “They’re all twists and variations on herself, and in each of them, the way she pushes the visual and the way she pushes the styling and the look of it, she really kind of gives them another twist on Rihanna.”

He further explained that Rihanna wanted to show off her softer, lighter side in the video, which actually complimented the theme of the song. She wanted to portray a persona that has just come out of a long tumultuous relationship. However, she was very careful not to allow the after effects of the ill-fated relationship dominate the visuals and so she evened it out with tension-filled chaotic glamor.

Normally, a project of this kind would be shot at natural scenery or an exotic location, but the duo wanted to be in charge of everything that was to be shown on the screen and hence, they decided to use a set. The basic structure of the video was provided by the singer herself, but then Mandler took over the matters on the creative front and stamped his mark on the clip which in his own words is a “really pure beauty video with a story line underneath.”

Mandler is one of those directors who has witnessed both the hard and the soft on-screen versions of Rihanna and when asked which one he prefers the most, he came up with a diplomatic answer and replied, “There’s so much variety with her and it’s been such a journey with her. It’s hard to say which one I enjoy more than the other. I just enjoy working with her, so whatever that means. … There are gray shades that are brilliant that I’m constantly discovering.”

’California King Bed’ Music Video by Rihanna

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