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Christina Perri is Lovestrong on her First Studio Album

christina perri jar of hearts Christina Perri is Lovestrong on her First Studio AlbumChristina Perri, whose first album ‘Lovestrong’ is scheduled to hit the US stores in a couple of days, had always wanted to be a professional musician from the very beginning. Ina a recent interview with MTV News, the 24 year old singer said that she has been singing in front of people in churches, barbershop or any other place where she got the chance from as long as she can remember. She had always been keen to showcase her talent in front of audience, even if the listeners didn’t want to listen to her. Now, even after accomplishing her dream, Perri has no intentions of slowing down.

Even though her musical talents and vocal ability is there for everyone to see, she would have still found it hard to be able to share stage with British singer James Blunt, if it wasn’t for the immense success of her song ‘Jar of Hearts,’ btn addto Christina Perri is Lovestrong on her First Studio Album btn buy Christina Perri is Lovestrong on her First Studio Album which got her noticed very quickly on the big stage. She recalled that since her song got featured on ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ her whole life changed completely for good. The former waitress was immediately invited by big record companies in New York City, where she signed up with Atlantic Records.

Perri has now appeared on a number of TV and radio shows, but her stage-outing with Blunt was her first musical tour ever. Christina described Blunt as a very cool person, who made her very comfortable and relaxed. She said that it was a real honour getting handpicked by a musician of Blunt’s caliber as his tour buddy. One possible reason why the ‘You’re Beautiful’-singer picked Perri over everyone he could have chosen as her side act was the fact that the upstart singer is actually quite popular among Blunt’s own fans. Perri found this out when during one of the performances; the audience was singing her songs word to word. It was then that Perri realized the astute decision making of the organizing team.

Fans’ expectation level is quite high from those who quickly climb the fame ladder like Perri has done and the whole experience has taught her a valuable lesson. She explained, “I’ve had to wrap my head around a show, like I have a beginning, a middle and an end, and I’ve thought about how I want to take the audience and what kind of journey I want to have.”

Perri’s young career will take another new step when on Tuesday, when her debut album ‘Lovestrong‘ will be officially released. She commented, “Lovestrong is something that I’m unbelievably proud of putting out into the world. I thought very long and hard about which songs I wanted to put on there. I mean, I wrote every song on the album. All the songs are about love because that is what inspires me, and all the songs have this element of strength.”

Fans of this young level headed singer can also catch her in the summer, when she is planning to go on a countrywide tour for the promotion of her upcoming debut collection ‘Lovestrong.’

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