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30 Seconds to Mars Releases ‘This is War’ Video

30 Seconds to Mars Releases

More than twelve months after the filming, 30 Seconds to Mars has finally unveiled the music video for the song ‘This is War.’ The video was released earlier today (April 6) after the band became tired of answering constant questions regarding the suspicious delay of the video, which contains heavy doses of message as well as special effects.

The video opens up with a famous H.G. Wells quote, “If we don’t end war, war will end us.” The anti-war theme is set in the very beginning and therefore the end, in which all kinds of heavy war weapons (computer generated) are destroyed, seems very fitting to the whole concept. However, while the band makes sure that their anti-war and pro-peace message is heard by all and sundry, it remains confusing that why the group chose to wear US Army costumes in the video, as the American army is considered anything but anti-war in global circles.

On multiple occasions, global dictators and autocrats are shown, which hints that instead of the armies, the song is about those controversial personalities, who are the reasons behind the wars.  In 2010, Jared Leto had told MTV News that ‘This is War’ is about how wars have become inevitable in modern times and how wars are a short run tool to bring peace in the long run. Leto explained that instead of ruing wars, the mankind should take lesson from it. The point raised by Leto is pretty valid as no matter how much brutality wars bring, the conflicts and its deterioration to severe levels are a reality of nature and they are unavoidable.

So instead of just lamenting the much discussed concept of war, 30 Seconds to Mars have gone for a different approach and through ‘This is War,’ they have tried to teach their viewers the different aspects of this cruel mode of settling disputes. The band sheds light on those who are responsible for inciting wars and points out the work of those who try to dampen down the matters so as to settle the disputes. This approach to convey their message would also remind some of their music video for ‘Hurricane.’

The clip ending showing the destruction of numerous tanks, jets and war-ships will still be confusing to comprehend for a lot of people, as it remains unclear whether any alien force makes it happen or was it just the call of nature to act on behalf of the peace loving mankind. While the visual are clearly devised to incite the provocation of human thinking in this regard, the complicated nature of the computer generated show will not necessarily do what the band wanted it to accomplish.

‘This is War’ by 30 Seconds to Mars

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