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Chris Brown Shares His Embarrassing Musical Incidents

Chris BrownIt hasn’t been long since Chris Brown found his big break on the US musical scene and one while many think that his experiences in his young career might be limited, but the singer has a lot to talk about, what seems like a very eventful journey so far. On the most recent episode of MTV program ‘When I Was 17,’ Breezy shared a few of his most embarrassing memories that took place in the early part of his musical career.

The F.A.M.E. star said that when he was 17 years old, he was traveling to perform in different parts of the world, as part of his world music tour. He recalled that just before the start of one of his shows, he ate something that gave him food poisoning and as a result, his stomach started to bubble right in the middle of his musical act on stage. The R&B singer tried to resist the temptation like any professional musician would do and tried to finish the show. But when the nature comes calling, there is nothing much one can do.

In the singer’s own words: “So I just remember dancing and onstage in the midst of all that, I … is it like started? The crowd didn’t know it, and I had like an outfit change coming up, so I said, ‘Yeah, I can hold it out one more song,’ and this is real disgusting and too descriptive, it was just … I just remember it running down my leg.”

Chris Brown on StageAt that time, Brown was busy promoting his debut album and in spite of all the tough campaigning, he found time to flood his hotel room with a BB gun. The amused singer recalled his adventure and said, “We were shooting the guns. We had the couches flipped up. The catering was knocked over. It was like a war zone in our room.”

Brown’s spinner chimed in and said, “I’m just like, getting hit left, right,” Chris’ spinner DJ Babey Drew added. “I see people squatting down military-style, trying to shoot me. It was crazy.”

At one point during the Battle Royale, Brown was hit with a face shot and he admitted that he cried while hiding from his team, before going on a rampage and soaking all of his rivals with blind shooting.

“I waited and then I got up and I acted like I was in a movie. … I tried to shoot at the fire extinguisher thing. I’m at least 15 yards away, so I’m thinking, ‘I don’t have a chance at hitting this thing,’ so I shoot … the whole room is engulfed in water,” the naughty artist concluded.

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