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The Game Talks about Cool and Dre’s ‘Red Nation’ Contribution

dr.dre and the game The Game Talks about Cool and Dre’s ‘Red Nation’ ContributionDr. Dre’s friendship with The Game may have some competition as now there is a new ‘Dre’ in town, with whom the Los Angeles-born MC is getting buddies with. Well actually it’s the production duo of Cool and Dre, who we’re talking about. The Miami-based producers are the creative force behind ‘Red Nation’-the first single of Game’s forthcoming studio collection The R.E.D. Album.

Speaking with MTV from his hometown city of Los Angeles where he was busy shooting the Red Nation video, Game lavished immense praise on his longtime collaborators. He said that from his very initial days in the rap business to his current project, Cool and Dre have always been supportive and have provided him with great material for him throughout his rap career. Game considers the two as his brothers in the music industry and they have always responded by repaying the respect that the Game has for them. ‘Red Nation,’ ‘Big Dreams’ and the Ne-Yo featuring ‘Camera Phone’ are all shining examples of the trio’s understanding and hitmaking combination.

‘Hate It or Love It’-another brainchild of the same team which elevated to chart summits soon after its release, featured Game’s past friend, present enemy 50 Cent. This time around though, The Game whose real life name is Jayceon Taylor, would like to keep only friends on his tunes and therefore the production team invited Young Money CEO Lil Wayne to do the chorus.

Game recalled that one day out of nowhere they called him and presented the idea of Red Nation with Wayne on the chorus and it immediately felt right to hop on board. He said that Cool and Dre always come up with ideas on the papers first and then accomplish it exactly the way they want it-something which is a lot of fun no matter how many times you repeat the process.

The presentation of the music video has been given a lot of importance. So much that Game dyed his hair all red and got himself a Mohawk hairstyle, which is a bit unusual for rappers.

The Game explained the Mohawk by saying that he wanted to freshen up the things up a bit and the kind of response his new look has got him is amazing. In fact, he is thinking about keeping the red cut permanently. Off course some people are talking about it and how it is a bit odd for him to adopt this new look; Game himself thinks that haters just need a reason to hate. However, he acknowledged how important it is to have haters, as they are the fuel which keeps him yearning for more.

Described by him as his most lyrical creation to date, The Game is expected to drop his next album ‘The R.E.D.’ later this year.

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