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Wiz Khalifa Explains Lack of ‘Rolling Papers’ Collaboration Tracks

Wiz Khalifa Wiz Khalifa Explains Lack of Rolling Papers Collaboration TracksThere is no doubting the fact that frequently ‘high’ Wiz Khalifa is quickly climbing the ‘high’ echelons of rap-stardom.  The lanky MC’s debut album ‘Rolling Papers’ was released last week and it immediately shot to number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart, thanks to the 197,000 copies sold in its debut week.

Such a great response is even more meaningful for Wiz Khalifa, because more than half of Rolling Papers songs have been composed and directed by I.D. Labs, the production group with whom he has long been associated with. However, the main ‘Black and Yellow’ tune was developed by Stargate group.

Wiz revealed that he had two aims for his debut album, one to get a name for his team and the other to keep the quality and content in line with his style. Wiz said that instead of starting something new, he wanted to build on what he and his team knew best, and therefore he decided to keep faith with his longtime beatmakers instead of finding new ones.

However, there are a few personalities on the album with whom Wiz was working for the very first time. Wiz Khalifa explained that just when they were about to shoot the music video for ‘On My Level,’-the first song of the LP, they decided to include rapper Too Short to the track. The reason behind his sudden inclusion was that Wiz wasn’t content with just shooting a video and instead, he wanted to do something different. So he though bringing Too Short on the track would be a good idea to freshen things up.

The Pittsburgh MC said that he has always been a great fan of Too Short’s work and therefore his signing up for the project was a very big deal for him that made him very excited. Too Short quickly absorbed Wiz’s vision and did his part quickly and then agreed to shoot the video as well.

Collaboration material is short on Rolling Papers, which is evident by the fact that only Chevy Woods (Taylor Gang member) and Curren$y are the two other rappers to appear on the Khalifa debut album. The two upstarts have done their thing on “Star of the Show” and “Roftops” respectively.

Even though Wiz has great friendship with established rap names such as Rick Ross and veteran Snoop Dog, neither of them were chosen to make guest appearances, something which surprised a lot of people specially since Wiz and Snoop have grown so fond of each other in recent months. But Wiz had the perfect answer to all those questions, as he said that their exclusion was pre-planned. Wiz said that he would do bigger joint ventures with many other artists in the future, but not before he stamps his own mark on the rap game, without anyone’s assistance.

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