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Jeff, hard at workAs some of you may or may not know, the biggest Internet Radio Company in the US, Pandora, went public in June.  Meaning they are officially a publicly traded company and they answer to the shareholders and bean counters now.  How and what they do next is anyone’s guess.  But someone or something is going to have to feed that money machine in the future, and how they plan to do that is a mystery at this point.

I also wanted to let you know that was started back in 1999 because I felt a need for a music service that played the best of the best music from many different genres.  It grew from one channel into what it is today all because of your support.  I still hold those close knit-values of playing the best of the best music today, and I personally program and schedule the music for each one of our live streaming channels.  It’s my passion and it’s what I love to do.

We play at least 57 minutes of music an hour; no one in the radio industry does that…

I understand the need to continue to innovate, and in the next 6 months we plan to offer you even more options to get your music entertainment – including the ability to skip songs, creating and sharing more of your playlists with your friends and family, a song suggestion service, music playlists based on your mood or what you are doing at the time, a better mobile interface that looks and acts more like what you can do online…and so much more.

I still believe 977music is a great value for what you get.  We play at least 57 minutes of music an hour; no one in the radio industry does that, but we do it because we want you to make us your first and only stop to get your musical fix.  Without you, the listener, I’d probably still be in my parent’s basement jamming out to just about any kind of music I can get my hands and ears on.  I not only get to jam out to all that great music but I get to entertain you as well on a fulltime basis.  I’m the only fulltime employee at this company.  We’re a very small company, and all decisions with regards to the music and website are made by you and me.  There are no shareholders or bean counters at  It’s just you and I on this awesome musical journey.   It’s a pleasure and an honor to be your musical conductor and I personally thank you for listening to

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    Jeff Bachmeier is owner of, an online music and online radio station network providing live streaming Internet Radio channels with music from the 50’s thru Today. Users can also choose to create their own customized on demand playlist through their own social media profile.

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