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Femme Fatale – Not Britney’s Own Invention

Britney SpearsWhen Britney Spears made her debut in late nineties and quickly achieved superstardom, she had just the right amount of cuteness and sex appeal to woo her listeners and viewers. She continued producing hit albums after the immense success of her debut album ‘Baby One More Time,’ with the latest in line being her new ‘Femme Fatale’ album. Even though fans have already developed a liking for her latest dance-rich offering, a small section of critics are not especially fond of the fact that Britney didn’t write any of the Femme Fatale songs herself.

She didn’t write any songs on her debut album either, but on her sophomore collection ‘Oops! … I Did It Again, ‘there were some contributions made by the then- premier pop singer. She has co-composed 17 tracks over the span of her five albums and has hit songs like “Everytime” and “Me Against the Music” to her credit. However, for Femme Fatale, she left the writing business for others and some pro-Brit people are highlighting the fact that she didn’t try to take credit for songs written by others, unlike many musician who frequently gather plaudits on the basis of someone else’s creations.

One such songwriter Heather Bright- the writer of Femme Fatale single ‘Trouble For Me,’ said that Britney never tried to take credit for the song and fully acknowledged the fact that she had nothing to do with its composition and creation.

Ke$ha, who also chipped in by writing ‘Till the World Ends’ for Britney’s latest studio offering, also spoke out in Britney’s defense that not writing anything herself for Femme Fatale doesn’t make Britney any less of a singer than she already is.

The Womanizer- singer may not have penned anything, but explained that she had to be very careful in selecting what to put on the Fatale disc. Brit said that she wanted to record those empowering songs and allow people to feel good about them. She revealed that her producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin brought her a lot of new stuff, from which she handpicked the ones she wanted to use.

The ‘Gasoline’ writer Claude Kelly told MTV News that Britney is one of the best in choosing the material that would suit her best. Kelly said that Britney remains in control of the selection and recording process at all times and there is no truth to the rumors that she is controlled by her music team. She added that Britney has the ‘eye of the tiger’ when it comes to selecting what will be the most suitable composition for her.

Ryan Tedder- another musician who wrote for Britney on Femme Fatale said that Britney is super cool with whatever the writers bring to her and listen to everything very clearly and carefully. The One Republic singer also praised her for not demanding writing credits from any of her writers.

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