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Judas Priest Impressed by James Durbin’s Cover Song on American Idol

Contestants on the American reality show American Idol are renowned for their cover songs of industry’s icons and the same trend was repeated when season 10 Idol-aspirant James Durbin covered Judas Priest’s “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” and stole the praises of everyone in attendance.

The classic heavy metal band was present at the season finale held on Wednesday, and just before entering the arena, MTV News caught up with them to talk about Durbin’s rendition of their song and they all seem to approve the young singer unanimously.

When asked about his take on Durbin’s cover, the band lead vocalist Rob Halford replied, “Because we’ve lived so long and done so much stuff in heavy metal and we’ve seen so many crazy things and heard so many crazy things, when we heard this we went, ‘F—! That’s incredible, man. Let’s do it, you know? This is insane. That’s just amazing.’ So as it progressed from ‘Another Thing Coming’ till this point now, when we’re on the carpet and we’re about to do the show, it’s just a dream come true for Priest, for metal and, mostly, for James Durbin.”

Guitarist Glenn Tipton was asked if they had any qualms over letting Durbin rock their 1982 hit, he said that any hesitation on their behalf was out of question. In fact, he thanked the young singer for giving heavy metal such an exposure on such a mainstream outlet at a time when the genre’s influence is waning in many people’s opinion. He reiterated, “It’s just bringing metal to the front, making it [metal] accessible for people. It’s a good thing.”

Durbin’s cover of “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” has brought him very closer to the iconic band, so much, that the two parties have been exchanging personal stories over dinner tables, as being reported in the media.

When quizzed if there is any chance of a collaboration between them and their favorite Idol-upstart, Halford agreed that such a thing could happen and said, “Yeah, anything’s possible.”

Durbin may have missed out on winning it all in the American Idol season 10, but the fourth-place singer got a glowing review from Judas Priest members, with Halford saying, “We just wish him all the best. He’s got such an extraordinary voice. He’s got such a genuine and lovable personality. He’s the real deal, James, and we wish him the best. Good for you, James!”

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