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Lady Gaga is Beyonce Inspired

Lady Gaga & BeyonceWe all know who Lady Gaga is now, but it wasn’t always like that. Back in 2006, she had chosen the title ‘Lady Gaga’ as her musical alias and she was trying her best to be recognized, but she wasn’t the international phenomenon that she is now. And when after her level best efforts, she was granted a meeting with Island Def Jam representative L.A. Reid, the Mother Monster was thrilled and thought that she has finally found her big break.

But unfortunately, it was a false dawn. Within the time span of a few months, Gaga was being blown off the label without any proper explanation and her budding dreams were shattered when the label decided to wield the axe and Gaga was booted out. Now that everything has turned out for the best, it is easy to ignore Island Def Jam’s ruthless and cold behavior towards the now-pop superstar, but the reality is that back then, she was devastated. She revealed in her recently-released documentary that being dropped was the kind of agony that she will never forget.

The Judas-singer recalled, “I remember when I got dropped from my first record label, I just said, ‘Mommy, let’s go see Grandma.’ And I cried on my grandmother’s couch. She looked at me, and she goes, ‘I’m going to let you cry for the rest of the day, and then you have to stop crying, and you have to go kick some ass.’ ”

Wounded by fully devoted to her long term cause of making it big, Gaga resumed her journey with even more vengeance then before. But apart from her grandmother’s advice, she found inspiration in another form.

The Born This Way-star shared, “You know, I’ve never told Beyoncé this, but I remember laying on my grandmother’s couch crying, and a Destiny’s Child video came on. I remember watching Beyoncé thinking, ‘Oh, she’s a star. I want that. I want to be on MTV.’ And now I’m in music videos with Beyoncé.”

And so, those initial hiccups proved to be very vital in Gaga’s formative years and when she found major success, she also learned how to extend her stay on the top. On a side note, she proved her doubters wrong too.

She proudly claimed on the Davi Russo-directed documentary that her success level has been of the charts and although many didn’t agree with her ideas back in the day when she was a no one, all of them must have realized their blunder by now. And even if they haven’t, there are millions of Little Monsters who would disagree with her beloved singer’s naysayers.

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