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Lady Gaga: Little Monsters Changed My Life for Good

Lady GagaIs it possible for artists to be more appreciative of their fans support than the fans are for their beloveds’ talents? In Lady Gaga’s case, this is true and this is evident from the fact that the Mother Monster never let’s go of an opportunity to show her gratitude towards her fans, with the love and support of whom, she was able to successfully complete her journey from a struggling New York artist to the international phenomenon she is at the moment.

One such opportunity to express her connection with the fans came during the shooting of “Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside,”-the MTV-made documentary, which sheds light on the real person behind the Lady Gaga’s glossy fashion-rich exterior.

In the documentary, Gaga explains everything from her New York life, her family members and how she started to accumulate her loyal brigade of fans through her over-the-top attire and on-stage personality. And even though her success has enabled her to move on to entertain bigger crowds around the world, she is still thankful to those at the Lower East Side of the NYC, who contributed so much to her early career.

In the MTV Documentary, the Poker Face-singer says, “The biggest surprise to me has been my relationship with my fans. They’ve changed my life. The fans are the thing that you can’t learn; they were the instrument in the music that nobody taught me about.”

She compared the loyal army of Little Monsters to one of the most important part of her aesthetic, in order to signify their importance. “They’re a giant disco ball — thousands of tiny little mirrors. The commercial success that I’ve had has been mind-blowing. I’m the girl that everyone said ‘no’ and shook their head and said, ‘I don’t get it’, “the pop superstar said in her usual philosophical style.

She may have her detractors, but those who love her, love her to the fullest and this feeling is mutual. A few days ago, MTV News had caught up with a few Gaga fans and they expressed immense love for the Born This Way star too.  Jen Finnegan- a Gaga-lover, who like his idol was once is an aspiring singer said, “Being a Little Monster is about letting out your inner freak. [It’s letting out] everything that you are and everything that you want to be through Lady Gaga and her music.”

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