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Lil Wayne’s ‘How to Love’ Stunned Producer Detail

Lil WayneLil Wayne has declared that he is going to break away from the boundaries of rap music and present a more varied musical sound on his future projects and who can give a more detailed insight on this new revelation than ‘Detail’- the man who produced Weezy’s latest pop venture ‘How to Love’ from his Tha Carter IV album.

Speaking in an interview with MTV, Detail said, “Wayne is a rock star and he’s up for any challenge in the world as long as it feels right. He don’t ever really discriminate on talent and people; if it feels right, he’s up for the challenge.”

Wayne was fully prepared to be innovative on ‘How to Love’ at a personal level. The track features an acoustic guitar sound with light drum beat, on which the Young Money CEO sings about the lighter subjects of life rather than his spitting his trademark rough content. Does the idea seem a bit weird? It does but the outcome is certainly positive from what the leaked version suggests.

Late last year, after Wayne had served his eight month long prison term, Detail went it Miami and that is where ‘How to Love’ was recorded.

Detail, who himself is a singer and songwriter, described Wayne as a very organic person and so his song was also made in a very organic manner. Detail revealed that he and his team put a few beats for Wayne to approve and he immediately found his match. From there on, everything went smooth and the quickly got into the studios to get working.

The producer out of Detroit, shared that the inspiration behind the song’s melody is Tunechi and Birdman’s “Leather So Soft”- a song the duo made half a decade ago.

Detail has been following Wayne for quite some time, so he was aware that the A-Milli rapper can play the guitar, thanks to his collaboration with Kid Rock earlier in his career. So with that ability of Wayne’s in mind, Detail produced something similar to “Leather So Soft,” on which the rapper turned crooner could showcase his talent with the strings as well.

He explained, “We’re visual with that type of stuff, so we just created a simple guitar riff that he can play on tour as well, over some 808s, a smooth ballad type of a beat. It wasn’t nothing special, it was just something that felt strong. That was the type of record that would rock in his iPod and rock in my iPod for days and days and days before the world got a chance to experience the pleasure of something with such organic-ness.”

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