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Rick Ross Justifies Maybach Music Group’s Move to Warner

Rick Ross MusicRick Ross is called ‘the Bawse’ by his followers and he has fully justified that nickname with his latest decision. When the time came to make the decision for his Maybach Music Group’s distribution, he chose Warner Music Group instead of the easiest option of signing up with Def Jam, with whom he is associated as a solo artist.

Speaking in a recent interview with MTV’s Sway in the program Rap Fix Live, Ross said, “You know, as a boss you gotta make certain things happen and that’s what I was able to do. Me, as a solo artist, we’re still at Def Jam Records, I have another album or two. But me being an executive, me being a boss, Maybach Music, I had an opportunity to sow my royal oats.”

Rozay gave the decision a careful thought and finally decided that he needed a group that would be able to match his speed in producing music. He explained that at MGM, they were looking for someone who could work at a faster rate than others and that was the sole reason why he ruled in Warner Music Group’s favor. The result he explained is in front of everyone as just a little over two months after appointing Warner as their distributor, the Maybach-produced album ‘Self Made’ is in stores all across the US.

The Teflon Don further said, “It’s constant meetings and discussions and attorney hours. I got great relationships over at Def Jam, so I was pretty much getting my words across. It basically just came down to what was best for Maybach Music and Warner.”

Ross also had offers from well-known labels such as Birdman’s Cash Money and P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Records, but the MGM CEO turned a blind eye to both of them and made his final decision in February 2011. He secured the future of three new artists Wale, Meek Mill and Pill, and quickly arranged Maybach’s first album titled ‘Self Made.’ The Warner Group also justified Ross’s faith in them and put the album out there in public in the least possible time.

One thing that didn’t go according to Ross’s liking was that he couldn’t bring Triple Cs to Warner with him, as the three members of the group Gunplay, Torch and Young Bleed had existing deals with Def Jam, which prevented them from making the switch. However, the trio will keep on representing Maybach Music, even though they will not be associated with WMG.

After everything has been done and dusted, Ross is proud that his decision was the right one, exemplified by Self Made’s quick entry into the market. And he plans to bank on WMG’s quick work ethic by making tons of news music in the near future. He added, “Us executing this album the way we did and the way we have is a great example and something to build on as a company and something to look forward to.”

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