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The Key to Success in the US for Adele + Mumford and Sons

AdeleIt is not exactly the kind of craze created by the legendary Beatles, nor is it pop explosion caused by British bands of the mid nineties such as Oasis, Spice Girls etc. So what kind of success are British artists like Adele and Mumford and Sons are having in the US?

Unlike the previous musical attacks mounted by Britons on the US soil, this one is spearheaded by a lady known as Adele, whose second album ‘21’ is currently the most successful album of the year and is widely tipped to pip Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale (current number 1 album) in next week’s ratings and music charts. The present musical British army also includes boy band Mumford and Sons, whose album’s success was so long lasting that it was still at number 2, more than a year after its release in the US.

There was another week when Adele, Mumford and sons and Marsha Ambrosius occupied the top three spots on the US sales charts, a feat achieved by British artists for the first time in the past two decades.

So is it really a full blown attack like the ones mounted by The Beatles and 90s Brit pop groups? Or is it just a coincidence that Adele and Mumford and sons are getting so much success in the biggest music industry of the world?

Village Voice music editor Maura Johnston believes that the music preferences of the US listeners have changed in recent times, a point she thinks is proven by the changing pattern is the sales charts. She also highlighted the success of non orthodox bands like the Arcade Fire to emphasize that the industry standards are not the same as they used to be a decade ago.

Spin editor Doug Brod however believes that the sheer quality if the music produced by these Britons is the sole reason why they are doing so well in the states. He said that Mumford and Sons’ success is the result of a long process. He said that it took the British boy quartet a year to find the level where they are at right now. About Adele, Brod thinks that the great success of her debut album ‘19’ along with the undoubted quality packed in by the chubby singer, are the prime reasons why her sophomore effort ‘21’ became an instant hit.

In recent two kinds of British artists have done well in the US. Boy bands like Mumford and Sons and Coldplay, or the high voiced solo ladies like Lewis, Adele and Susan Boyle. Other formations such as sole male singers (Robbie Williams) and girl bands like Sugababes have found it hard to survive on the American music scene.

Another up and coming Brit, who is hoping to cash in on the fat US music cow, is Jessie J. The pop singer has just released her album and she is being widely tipped to follow in the footsteps of Amy Winehouse and Adele to be the next big British pop diva in United States of America.

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