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Chris Brown Releases ‘Beautiful People’ Music Video

Chris BrownAccording to Chris Brown, the meaning of the title of his new album ‘F.A.M.E.’ is ‘Forgiving All My Enemies’ or ‘Fans Are My Everything.’ However, out of the two suggested meanings by Brown, the former should be scrapped, as judging by his incredible outburst at today’s ‘Good Morning America’ show, it seems as if not everyone has been forgiven by him just yet.

Brown’s GMA incident could not have happened at a worse time as not only his new album is being released all over the US today, but the day’s other major offering by the singer is the video premier of his song ‘Beautiful People.’

Later today he was scheduled to appear at MTV’s “The Seven,” but due to the morning show fiasco earlier in the day, he decided against showing up at the MTV program. His video however, was released as per schedule.

…haters do not wanna let go of the idea that Brown has made his apologies and realize that what he did wasn’t in line with his personality…

Considering the ‘Chris Brown-Rihanna’ assault incident two years ago, if you have developed a personal disliking for C.Breezy or if you have a soft spot for him for all the stick he has taken since the incident happened, chances are that your opinion about his personality will determine how you feel about his music. For those who have not forgotten his mistakes, the clips where he is shown in the studios with artists like Timbaland and Pharrell Williams would just seem tasteless. Whereas, his fans who have forgiven him for the infamous Grammy night incident, would warm up to the song real quick and show their appreciation for a man who has taken all the criticism directed towards him until now, with great decency.

His haters do not wanna let go of the idea that Brown has made his apologies and realize that what he did wasn’t in line with his personality. But his fans have long forgotten all the controversy and they just want to see their favorite singer smile on stage.

The opinions about Brown may be divided, which is nothing unusual, but his video should get a linear review of approval, as it is nothing short of top quality, with just the right amount of style and show-off, in addition to the usual studio gloss associated with R&B hits nowadays. Music producer Benni Benassi has made sure that his DJ-ing background is imposed on the beat with regular frequency, and has mixed the tune with loud house thumps and some Italo boogie to add a little flavour. Brown’s voice quality perfectly blends in with the clubby beat and it can be safely predicted that this will be one of 2011’s best songs.

This would be without the support of those, who are not even going to give the song a chance, because of its singer’s history, but considering the recent events, who can blame them? Brown’s lack of control over his temper would certainly impair his musical products’ chances of reaching the top. While there are doubts over his ability to stay cool, the one thing regarding whose coolness there is certainly no doubt is his song ‘Beautiful People.’

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