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Far Away’ Video by Marsha Ambrosius Garners Attention

The basic theme used by Marsha Ambrosius in her ‘Far Away’ music video is not the most freshest of the ideas. The unfortunate love affair of two lover is a subject that has been used in thousands of plays, movies, dramas and musicals, still Ambrosius’ clever addition of hot topics such as suicide, homosexual rights and discrimination, have added a unique touch to the song.

The clip features Ambrosius hanging out with a charming man who is well-liked by everyone in his company. However, as soon as his sexual orientation becomes clear, all who previously enjoyed the man’s company suddenly start acting completely differently towards him, which eventually leads to that man committing suicide.

Ambrosius said that the video is not just about her contribution to the much-discussed subject, but instead she wants to highlight the serious consequences that homosexuals have to endure due to the anti-gay bullies in the society.

Speaking in an interview with MTV News, Ambrosius said, “The concept for ‘Far Away’ definitely wasn’t unexpected for me as it was a personal experience that I’d had in writing the song. It came from a personal experience I was going through ’round about the time I wrote it, which is 2008, [when] a friend of mine attempted to commit suicide. Being a friend of someone that is in such a dark place, you can’t be there for them as a friend because it’s one of the most heart-wrenching things you can go through, not being able to help someone.”

The song that takes a very pro gay rights stance has sparked a lot of debate in the media circles, and Ambrosius is happy that instead of just being rejected outright, the listeners are at least ready to talk on the issue. “Overall, I’m glad it’s got people talking, and the overwhelming positive response definitely outweighs anything negative that had been said. Anything negative is always summed up with, ‘I still understand where you’re coming from, but it’s just not my thing,’ the crooner said.

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