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Is Britney’s ‘Till the World Ends’ too Similar to ‘Slave 4 U?’

Britney Spears, Til the World EndsBritney Spears‘ music video ‘Till the World Ends’ proved one thing: that the pop star is able to dance her way out from any kind of trouble, catastrophe or calamity, including a world-ending apocalypse.

Now even though ‘Till the World Ends’ is based on events that have yet to occur, the theme of her video was definitely nothing futuristic. The tense ambiance, sexy and sweaty on-screen characters and the collection of raunchy dance moves are reminding many of her own 2001 smash hit ‘Slave 4 U.’ The two videos share some similarities that are too striking to ignore. The sweaty bodies, the dirty dancing, Britney’s multiple dress changes are all indications that someone sampled her own stuff. The similarities reach its peak during a scene which is almost identical to a Slave 4 U sequence. The scene in question is the one in which Britney is sitting among a group of dancers, which certainly brought a dose of nostalgia to the viewers that had previously seen the ‘Slave 4 U’ video.

Unlike some of the…biggest names out there, Britney didn’t go searching for creativity in others’ work…

This is not the first time that Britney has sampled her own previous work. But in Britney’s defense, her music videos have always been rather brilliant, so nobody minds much. (Lip syncing is another story…)

In 2008, she released her Womanizer video, which reminded many of the storyline used in her Toxic scenes. The concept was similar, because in both the videos Britney punished her former love interest by disguising herself in different personalities. However, the most striking common feature was the attire she used. She borrowed the bodysuit from the Toxic project, and to create some difference, she chose to show a little more skin in Womanizer.

This isn’t the whole story at all. Another common point that Britney frequently uses in her videos is the incorporation of her personal life’s events, for example the constant harassment she faces from the hoards of paparazzi photographers that chase her on daily basis. She was swift to show her dislike towards them through the ‘Piece of Me’ video, in which she depicted her daily struggle with the photo chasers in a light-hearted manner.

Britney has also been careful to add variety into her video roles. From the teenage schoolgirl in ‘Baby One More Time’ to a sexy waitress in ‘(You Drive Me) Crazy,’ and a killer air-hostess in ‘Toxic,’ Britney has always tried to make sure that the content doesn’t get stale. So revisiting the classics isn’t the worst thing she can do. Unlike some of the recent material released by some of the biggest names out there (Rihanna and Lady Gaga), Britney didn’t go searching for creativity in others’ work.


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