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Kelly Rowland Explains ‘Motivation’ Featuring Lil Wayne

Kelly RowlandNot that she was short of any, but Kelly Rowland has gotten a huge motivation boost on the recently released ‘Motivation’ video, thanks to Lil Wayne’s appearance on the track. Rowland has done her trademark work on the song, singing in her usual sexy style, while Weezy has added his personal touch to make the collaboration sound more ‘urgent and urban,’-as according to the R&B singer herself.

Speaking in a post-release interview with MTV, Rowland said that she and Wayne go way back. The idea to do a joint venture came when Rowland was in the studio with music producers Jim Jonsin and Rico Love. When she told Rico that she is looking to do a sexy track, he discussed the idea with Jonsin and then the whole ‘Motivation’ plan came together. She then met Wayne at a basketball game and he quickly absorbed the idea after Rowland briefed him up about the potential collaboration.

“I played it for him and he got on it, and it was just as simple as that,” she explained.

On the song, both the stars throw flirt bombs on each other, making the ambiance very raunchy.  So much that in her own words the Motivation music video makes her ‘feel extremely, über-duber sexy.’ Rowland explained that the track’s sound has a certain kind of persona and distinctive quality which makes it automatically saucy and she thinks it is visible even without the video. And therefore, when Weezy added his trademark verse on the song, she couldn’t help but applaud him for toning up the sexiness part even more.

Speaking about the skills and work ethic of Wayne, Rowland said that she is amazed by the rapper’s ability as he doesn’t even have to think much. According to her, Wayne just went in the studio and quickly came up with the fully perfected master verse. “He just does it. He’s so admirable,” she remarked.

The Motivation video, which has been directed by Sarah Chatfield and choreographed by Frank Gatson, will be released on April 4. Rowland was also appreciative of the energy level infused into the track by Gatson and she expressed her gratitude for being blessed with a great team. She also mentioned Chatfield during the interview, commending her creative mind and her ability to hold everything together.

While she thanked many for their on and off the screen contributions to the video, she reserved the biggest thank for the rap superstar Wayne, who brought the ‘playful vibe,’ which according to her, brought the x-factor to the song and propelled it to a higher level. She concluded the interview by again admiring the Carter series-MC’s spontaneous ability to jot down verses quickly and his gift to surprise everyone with fresh content.

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