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Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Opening Act Labels Tour Experience ‘Magical’

Lady GagaAt the start of May, Lady Gaga finally brought down the curtains on her Monster Ball tour in front of a jam packed audience of 55,000 in Mexico. The extended tour that took place on four continents had been going on for almost one and a half year before she decided to wrap it up. So if you want to know about the incredible tour’s grandeur then who else to contact rather than the band Semi Precious Weapons, who served as Gaga’s opening act in the majority of the shows.

Actually the band was returning the favor that Mother Monster had granted them in 2006, when she opened their show for the group. The artists quickly developed a friendship, which has continued to grow ever since. So when the time came to be applauded for the one final time by the huge score of spectators, Gaga invited both the Semi Precious Weapons band and old pal Lady Starlight to share the limelight with her.

It was an emotional experience for everyone on stage and SPW lead vocalist Justin Tranter described the moment in the MTV program ‘After-Show.’

He recalled, “We played over 200 shows with her, all over the world, and at the end, the very last show, she says [onstage], ‘This used to be a really small show that I did in New York City with my friends, when no one was watching, we just did it because we loved it,’ . And then she brought us up onstage in front of 55,000 people, and it was just … the craziest thing ever.”

After touring in Gaga’s company one would assume that the band has a lot of fun stories to share with the readers and their assumption is dead accurate. But Tranter wasn’t ready to discuss all of them except one and that was the night when Gaga’s latest Born This Way-song ‘The Edge of Glory’ came into being.

Tranter shared, “One of the things I keep remembering recently, just because ‘The Edge of Glory’ is everywhere now, is, I think we were in Sweden, and she was writing that song,” Tranter said. “We had just had three weeks off on tour, and … she had just written that song, and in our dressing room, through the wall, we could hear her singing it. And then she texted me and asked me to come in and listen to it. And then I had to go onstage, and when I came off she asked me to come back again, and we were being music geeks and going over chord-change options, and now the song is everywhere. “

Hence, he thinks that The Edge of Glory exemplifies how things are just the same as they were. And the notion that the song was written and honed at a time when there were 20,000 odd fans screaming their lungs out, it makes the whole experience even more magical for the SPW and company.

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