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‘Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside’ Documentary Showing the Real Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga fingersWhen Davi Russo was contacted to directed the Lady Gaga-based documentary “Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside,” he was aware that he would get to spend a lot of time with the pop superstar, something her diehard fans would love to do as well.

But what Russo wasn’t aware about was that he would also have to give her suggestion about her dresses for the documentary. Giving wardrobe advice to someone like Gaga, who is known for her creative outfits is a tall order. But thankfully, Gaga and Russo are both New Yorkers and they shared enough things to know each others style, which meant that even though the duo had never met before this project, their creative ideas still synchronized to some extent.

Speaking in the MTV program “Lady Gaga: The After-Show”, Russo recalled that at the time of shooting, Gaga appeared with a foot-long bow on her head. When he wanted to fit her into the camera frame, they got all worried because the 12 inch bow was all out of focus, which meant that they had to reposition their cameras. Apart from the technical side of shooting, Russo wasn’t totally convinced of the bow as he wanted to portray the real person behind Lady Gaga and the fabricated look her glossy attire was bringing, was certainly not in line with the intimacy that they wanted to show in the documentary.

But artists can take hints, so Russo got close to Gaga and said, ‘Hey, you know, I want to kind of talk to you about New York and where you’re from and where I’m from.’ And she said, ‘You want to talk about the neighborhood?’ And I said, ‘Yeah,’ and she said, ‘Oh my God, I need five minutes, I need to go get changed!’ And she gets up, exits, and 15 minutes later, she comes out in this amazing, punk-rock, black leather jacket. Very cool.”

Apart from the Mother Monster’s ability to go with the flow, Russo learned numerous new things about the singer. When he first met Gaga, his knowledge of her was exactly the same as any common person’s would be. But by the end of the shoot, Russo had managed to unveil a whole new ‘hardworking’ side of Gaga’s personality, whose existence is well known to those around us but her fans may not know about it, due to the multiple fashion layers around her.

“Again, it’s so easy just to see the surface of things, and I think that’s maybe the biggest misconception that a lot of people who may not be fans [have of her, that she’s artificial]. Myself included. I didn’t know much about her going into it, [but] I try to always peel back the surface, to see the real person, and the interview gave us the opportunity to really see that. And she’s just like me; she has red blood, breathes the same air, and everything else. She’s human,” he explained.

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