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Nicki Minaj Introduces New Persona On ‘Where Them Girls At’

Nicki MinajRapper Nicki Minaj frequently unveils new alter-egos for different songs and this is exactly what she has done again for ‘Where Them Girls At’ – her collaboration with dance music great David Guetta. Since she was working with a mainstream dance musician for the first time, she went for a never-used-before hybrid theme, which in her own words is a mixture of her previously used personas Nicki and Roman.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Minaj said that she will be going with an English accent and that, while it may sound weird to some, she isn’t the kind who gets disturbed by what others think about her. The Trinidad & Tobago-born raptress, who moved to the US during her teens, said that she wanted to give the song her trademark rebellious touch, and therefore she came up with the new hybrid character. She also revealed that her lyrics will contain some of the most insane and crazy things she has ever said in a song, but it will all be about having fun and good time.

while it may sound weird to some, she isn’t the kind who gets disturbed by what others think about her

Her comments loosely echoed those of the song producer Guetta, who had broken the news about Minaj’s new look in an interview with MTV earlier this year. ‘Where them Girls At’ will be featured on Guetta’s new album, which he has produced together with Flo Rida. The timing of the song’s release could have been better planned from the marketing perspective, but the fans don’t care about all that, and have already developed a liking for it, as evidenced by the track’s impressive performance on the iTunes charts, where it is quickly camped at the 12th position.

The French producer had openly said in the past that he was looking forward to the opportunity to work with the Pink Friday star for a long time, and after getting to work with Guetta, Minaj also had kind things to say about him.

She said, “He really is a master — a master at his craft. He’s got it down pat. For me to link up with him, I’m just honored that he was reaching out. When I met him, I liked him instantly. He’s sweet, he’s humble, he’s funny, and he’s just a person you want to be around.”

She described Guetta as a humble person, who has been unaffected by the success of all the chart-topping songs that he has produced in his career. She thanked Guetta for handpicking her for the song and added that the opportunity enabled her to present her talents to a different musical world.

The thought of Nicki in action on a Guetta-powered dance beat may sound odd to many people, but they would be even more astounded to hear that the 26 year-old is actually a fan of the genre, even though she plies her trade in the hip hop and pop world.

Minaj shared, “I’m a humongous fan of that music. It’s that kind of music that you get lost in. Your problems go away for those 3 minutes and 30 seconds. You’re in a new world, and I live in fantasy. I love to go away into another world, and that’s what that kind of music does, and so, yes, I’m a huge fan.”

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