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Semi Precious Weapons’ Justin Tranter Applauds Lady Gaga’s Loyal Side

Ladies Gaga and StarlightBeneath the multiple layers of creativity, ultra-modern attire and tons of addictive songs, Lady Gaga has always been loyal to those around her and to her brigade of fans. This was only one of the numerous qualities mentioned by her colleagues in the MTV program “Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside,” a documentary which shed light on both Gaga as an artist and as a person.

In another MTV program, “Lady Gaga: The After-Show,” the show’s host James Montgomery arranged sit-downs with many of Gaga’s close allies in the music game, such as Semi Precious Weapons lead singer Justin Tranter, her longtime friend Lady Starlight (shown with Gaga in photo to left), documentary maker Davi Russo, and her frequent producer Fernando Garibay.

The band Semi Precious Weapons served as Gaga’s show opening act at a majority of her Monster Ball concerts and therefore, they are considered to be one of those artists, who have the firsthand experience of the Mother Monster’s dedication and commitment to what she does. The band frontman Justin Tranter paid his tribute to Gaga by calling her “the most loyal friend you could ever ask for.”

She’s always … talked about me and given me credit for anything we worked on together

He further said, “We’ve been so desperately wanting to be a band for so long and busting our asses, and for Gaga to put her foot down as the biggest star in the world and insist that this really f—ing loud rock band fronted by a man in heels needs to open for her all over the world shows her character.” Off course she is only returning the favor, as it should be noted that Gaga used to open shows for SPW before she found her big break that turned her into the Fame Monster and international celebrity that she is now.

The Born This Way star’s old pal Lady Starlight, who also used to perform with her, also chipped in to pay tribute to her friend’s devotion – a habit that she has had since her pre-fame years. Starlight also admired Gaga for always appreciating others’ talents.

Appearing on the show through Skype video chat, Starlight said, “She’s always … talked about me and given me credit for anything we worked on together. And you don’t see people coming out after, like, their first album, when they’re trying to prove themselves, so willing to give exposure to the people who they care about and who influence them and who they work with. That’s unprecedented.”

Russo also jumped on the pro-Gaga bandwagon and said, “It’s just refreshing and inspiring to know… It’s like the people you really come up with are the people you still surround yourself with, regardless of what’s happening. I can’t say that about so many people, unfortunately.”

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