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50 Cent Reveals Skills on ‘Conan’

50 Cent and Conan O'Brien

Rapper 50 Cent was quick to show off his skills on his recent visit with Conan O’Brien.

50 revealed his new "Sleek by 50 Cent" wireless headphones and then he told O’Brien a story that showed he is a not just a rapper, but a keen businessman.

During January’s heavy snowfall, 50 had the job of clearing up all the snow that had amassed in his grandmother’s driveway. After posting his shovel-hurling pose on his Twitter account, an idea came to him, which eventually made the boring task much easier and fun.

Fifty told O’Brien, "I wanted to see if the principles of business applied to everything."

Then 50 gathered a bunch of neighboring kids and formed a snow clearing service group. The kids, led by 50 himself, then informed the neighbors of their newly founded service, and just like that, they were in business.

The ‘Wanksta’ singer explained, "I sent the little guy to knock on the door," to which Conan quickly replied, "That’s low."

But the Queens-born rapper justified it by saying, "I gave them the money, I gave them some."

According to Fiddy, the group collectively generated $1,000 after clearing ten houses. However, not all of the money was a result of the hard work, as 50 also charged the neighbors for taking pictures of him with a shovel in his hands.

The outspoken rapper’s comedic mood then surfaced, as he displayed a picture of his schnauzer, who he has named ‘Oprah Winfrey.’ He once again found a justification for it and said, "At first I thought Oprah didn’t like hip-hop, so I didn’t like her. But I hadn’t had a chance to meet her. I bought the dog, and now I love her."

Much to everyone’s amusement, he then revealed that his cat’s name is Gayle, this time targeting Oprah’s boyfriend Gayle King in his joke. "It was one of those things where I didn’t know what to name the cat, it just made sense," 50 explained.

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