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Britney Spears Discusses ‘Till The World Ends’ Music Video

Britney SpearsIn the MTV-exclusive program “Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale,” Britney Spears gave her fans a quick tour of all the behind-the-scenes footage of her ‘‘Till The World Ends’ music video.

The location of the set was somewhere in L.A. and Britney and her team of backup dancers were dressed in black suits. To make the pop diva distinguish from the pack, she wore additional leather jacket which really gave the sexual tone of the video a major boost.

The program started with Britney stuck to a telly, watching the final cut of the Ray Kay-directed video. Perfectionist Britney explained that she wanted to make sure that everything including the costumes and dancer was perfectly tuned and synchronized to the video beat. She explained that the energy and the positive vibe of the song make it very important that everything in front of the camera seems like a gelled unit and therefore she watched it multiple times to iron out the deficiencies, if any.

This was the 40th time Britney had made a music video for one of her songs and unlike her motive on previous ventures, this time around she was just looking to have fun and relive the high of all the shooting. When the Baby One More Time-singer was asked if she is feeling the pressure to match the success of her earlier years when she was the undisputed pop diva of the world, Britney replied in negation and said that she feels totally secure about her career. She added that she is proud of what she has achieved so far in her career and at this junction; she is only looking to have fun with her team.

But while it all sounds fun and easy work, it wasn’t all like that. In fact, at one point of the shoot Britney was so tired that she practically begged for a break. The singer recalled that one of the sets used during the filming was so gross and grimy that she began to feel as if there was poop everywhere. While it may not be the most favorite part of the glamorous musician, she toughened up and did it anyways.

Another prominent incident of the video shoot was the part when Britney had to wear high heeled shoes and do a dance sequence. She was visibly uncomfortable in the footwear, although she did admit that she looked good in them. Thankfully enough, that particular scene was a short one and the delicate star did not have to bear the uneasiness for very long.

All in all Britney said that the whole experience brought a whole lot of fun for her and she was completely satisfied after collaborating with director Ray Kay.

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