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Jay-Z and LeBron James Organize Charity Event for the Third Straight Year

Jay-Z and LeBron James

The Boys & Girls Club of Los Angeles was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, as they got to meet with superstars, rapper Jay-Z and Miami Heat basketball player LeBron James.

This happened because the two stars’ joint charity ‘Two Kings’ and Coca Cola’s Sprite decided to renovate the kids’ gym, which will also be decorated by one of Mr. Cartoon’s wall paintings.

Two Kings and Sprite aim to renovate more than 100 parks, basketball courts and fields across the US, as part of ‘Coca-Cola’s Sprite Spark Parks Project.’

They  spoke to MTV News at the unveiling event of the renovated LA gym on the NBA All-Star game day, where the rap legend said that their high interest in giving back to society is because they were in the same situation once.

Jay-Z said that both he and LeBron didn’t have it all while growing up, but with God’s help, they got their opportunity to shine, and now others are in need of the same help that they once wanted.

Jay-Z revealed that the charity program was initiated because both of them wanted to exploit their business partners’ financial muscle for the betterment of the society. The superstars weren’t content at being the paid backers at a hollow charity event, who were just there for media purposes. Instead, they want their status and influence to pave the way for people in need of what they once didn’t get.

The duo’s charity has maintained its three-year long tradition of organizing charity events during the All Star weekend.

In 2010, they conducted a counseling session for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dallas in Texas, while the year before that, they donated 150 musical instruments to the Arizona-based Mesa Arts Academy.

The event’s co-charity Sprite has also chipped in with the promise of providing scholarships to the top students of the program.

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