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MVP Award for Bieber at the 2011 NBA All-Star Celebrity Match

justin bieber mvp nba all star celebrity MVP Award for Bieber at the 2011 NBA All Star Celebrity Match

Justin Bieber proved that he is a ‘Justin’ of all trades after his MVP winning performance during the NBA All-Star Celebrity Match held in Los Angeles. Although his team lost the game, his skills on the court earned him a lot of plaudits along with the award.

Bieber’s side included celebrities such as Romeo, Common, Rob Kardashian, Trey Songz, actor Michael Rapaport and Nick Cannon, while NBA legends and stars such Scottie Pippen, Bill Walton, Rick Fox, Jalen Rose, Mitch Richmond, Chris Mullin and Swin Cash were their opponents on the other team. Magic Johnson was the Eastern Conference’s (celebrity) team instructor and Bill Walton was the coach of Western Conference (NBA legends) side.

Since the court was brimming with a ton of talent on each team and they were both fighting hard to take the lead, the score remained close.

However, from the start of the second half, East’s pro basketball experience began to transfer into points and the score soon turned 41-33 in their favor.

For the struggling team, Bieber’s contribution was immense as he scored eight points, grabbed two rebounds and showed his unselfish nature by dishing out four assists to his teammates. It wasn’t enough to turn the tide in his side’s favor, as the West ran out 54-49 winners at fulltime.

Bieber’s team may have lost, but he impressed many with his ball handling skills, which made one commentator say, “Justin Bieber! He could be thinking about that MVP award. He has game.”

During the post-match ceremony Heather Cox handed the MVP award to the teenager, who thanked Magic Johnson for elevating his basketball game on the night.

The MVP win also owed a great deal to Bieber fans, who were directed by the young singer on his Twitter account to vote for him. Not only did his fans answer his call, but they also created a Twitter trend for their beloved star titled “BIEBER ALERT.”

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