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Keri Hilson Releases New Saucy Music Video Featuring Chris Brown

Keri Hilson’s car broke down in her latest “One Night Stand” music video and guess who was very keen on being her mechanic and fixing whatever needed to be fixed? Chris Brown! The Collin Tilly-directed video features unnatural blondes Hilson and Brown giving each other very sexy looks. Once they meet up in the clip, both bring their own dancing styles, combine them and present a dancing feast.

The steamy clip starts with both Brown and Hilson lying on the ground, with the Kiss Kiss singer on top of her touching her very passionately over and over again. After they embrace each others hands, the next scene quickly sets in where Hilson can be seen with a leg on each side of her on-camera love interest.

But as soon as the song enters the singing phase, they both are shown in separate scenes on different sets. Dressed in a black fur coat, Hilson sings her verses while standing in a mysterious and foggy road. On the other hand, Brown appears in a tank top, hard at work on Hilson’s car that has been the reason of their meeting in the video.

The Pretty Girl Rock-singer croons, “Tell me how you like it, baby/ Do you want it fast or slow. I’ll give it to you all night,” while the F.A.M.E. star keeps on chipping in with improvised sounds and words.

In the middle of the song, the two however meet again at a strange looking industrial site. Clad in all black dresses and shades, the duo sings together: “You should stay another night with me. A one night stand is all I need.” This is then followed by a double team dance.

When they are done showing off their slick dance moves, Brown tries to grab Hilson into his arms, but Hilson deceives him, leaving him empty-handed. Then Hilson tries to swoop in to hug Brown, but this time she is the one who gets deceived, as the Graffiti star leans back, making his opposite number miss out on her attempt. All of this happens in captivating Matrix-like bullet time mode.

The collab comes as no surprise as Hilson has always been one of the staunch supporters of Brown. In her December 2010 interview, with MTV News, she had said that Brown has matured a lot since his infamous assault on Rihanna, the night before Grammy 2009.

She said that people are already starting to warm up to Brown now, and they have accepted that he made a mistake and then made a genuine apology to everyone. Hilson then said that Brown has shown he is a grown up man, who has learned from his mistakes and she is confident that he will not repeat them again. “You show remorse, and you move on. You move forward onto bigger and better things. That’s a man trait,” she added.

Keri Hilson – One Night Stand feat. Chris Brown

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