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Lady Gaga Performs ‘Born This Way’ in NYC Concert

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga told her fans during the Monster Ball at the jam-packed Boardwalk Hall arena, “I’ve missed you all so much!” There is no doubt that the little monsters missed the Mother Monster during her brief break from touring as well.

However, the burning question on everyone’s lips was whether Gaga would perform her brand new single ‘Born This Way’ in front of them or just stick to her older material.

While performing ‘Bad Romance’ in the middle of the show, she whispered in the microphone not to leave as there may be a surprise for them soon after that song. After a few minutes of roaring screams in a pitch-dark environment, fans were ecstatic to see Gaga back on stage, surrounded by her performers dressed in the same Grammy night skin-colored costumes to perform ‘Born This Way.’

Before ‘Born This Way,’ Gaga had been performing for nearly two hours, but that wasn’t enough to take any of the energy away from the high powered dancing and singing of her new smash hit.

The night’s other high came when the pop queen announced that the show will be organized again next year under the title of the ‘Born This Way Ball.’ If the deafening roars of fan approval was any indication, that 2012 show will be an instant hit too.

Apart from the ‘Born This Way’ performance, Gaga stuck with her Monster Ball theme. Although, she did sing ‘You and I,’ which is also from her forthcoming album, but has already been sung by her on multiple occasions.

The fans were still more than content as she sang all her major hits including ‘Paparazzi,’ ‘Pokerface,’ ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Telephone.’

Just like at the Grammys, she wasted no chance in showing off her toned physique – including her super flat tummy – and danced her heart out at every danceable beat.

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