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Longstanding Feud Finally Over Between Nas & Prodigy

NasNas and Prodigy’s relationship has seen everything from fiery dis records to friendly collaboration projects, so it wasn’t a surprise when the Mobb Deep rapper reserved a part of his latest book to discuss how such frost developed between the two over the years.

In a recent interview with MTV, P touched the subject again and explained his first meeting with Nas, which took place during a battle rap in Queens- the area where both the MCs hail from. He further revealed that after his three year stint behind the bars, he called Nas to mend broken relations and end the feud once and for all.

Upon hearing Prodigy’s peace calls, Nas has also reacted in a positive manner. In a separate sit-down with MTV, the self-proclaimed God’s Son confirmed that his longtime rival did contact him after getting out of jail. The Illmatic rapper revealed, “He got in touch with me. We talked about some things. I didn’t know he had a book. He didn’t tell me that. I guess he just wanted to clear the air on some past things that don’t mean anything today.”

Since the settlement of the duo’s differences, Nas has been invited by Prodigy to feature on the next Mobb Deep album track, “Dog Sh—,“. Nas explained that as soon as the idea of a collaboration-project was put on the table, he was eager to be a part of it. He said that they immediately put all their history behind them and started thinking and working on the song.

Nas believes that the cause of tension between them could have been that Prodigy was misinformed about him. He blamed the people around the Mobb Deep rapper for portraying him in a bad manner and said that his former enemy has now developed into a more mature person and that is why the root of their feud has ended.

Prodigy is also as excited as Nas over Dog Sh—‘s prospects and according to him when Mobb Deep and Nas make music together, then the music they generate is from another level. P said that the material they’re working on is very powerful and brings the feeling of nostalgia whenever he listens to it. And because of their great musical chemistry, P thinks that they should keep on working together and ignore what went on in the past.

While Prodigy looks keen on more joint-projects with Nas in the future, the Hip Hop is Dead-rapper isn’t confirming anything yet. Nas said, “At the moment, I just got back into the studio, and my focus right now has been just starting to work on the album, so who knows?”

Mobb Deep – Dog Sh- feat. Nas (Prod by Alchemist)

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