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Michael Bay Says Transformers 3 Will Not Suck

Michael Bay and a Transformer

‘Transformers’ series director Michael Bay is not one to make excuses for his failings, a trait that has been well admired by his fans and critics alike. As soon as it became clear that the franchise’s second installment was a flop, Bay admitted to the movie’s shortcomings.

However, he has claimed that during the production of “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” all the previous issues that contributed to its predecessor’s downfall, have been resolved.

At the movie premiere of “I Am Number Four,” Bay said, “I think it takes a while to get it right. I think we did not want the third one to suck.”

He quickly reminded everyone that the Revenge of the Fallen’s failure was largely down to the writers’ strike in early 2009, which left them with very little time to craft an interesting story.

“The second one, we had a tough go. It was a very, very tough thing to make a movie under those circumstances. It affected a lot of Hollywood at that time,” Bay pointed out.

To make sure that the movie maintains its quality, Bay said that they have “worked extra hard” and written “a better story.” He further said, “It’s epic and it happens in a city. It’s more accessible because you recognize stuff – it’s not in a desert. It’s kind of like ‘Black Hawk Down’ with our small group of heroes in a city.”

The third installment is also set to feature two new aliens, but the director was careful not to divulge too much info about them. He simply said, “Sentinel Prime is great. He’s great. I can’t tell you anything else, other than he’s great.”

However, he was a bit more open about the villain Shockwave’s description. “He’s bad. He’s got a much bigger gun [and is] a little bit more vicious,” Bay defined.

Bay also confirmed that ‘Dark of the Moon’ will be the final movie of the series, and will mark the end of the franchise.

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