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Snoop Dogg Explains ‘Platinum’ Featuring R. Kelly

Snoop Dogg was giving final touches to his latest album Doggumentary when an opportunity to do a song with R. Kelly popped up and he signed up for it. The lanky MC and Kelly combined to record the upcoming song ‘Platinum,’ whose beat has been powered by Lex Luger, known for his work with Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rick Ross.

Preceded by “New Year’s Eve” and “Wet,” “Platinum” will be Snoop’s third released song of his latest album and it features his trademark smooth style and R. Kelly’s towering voice.

Speaking in an interview with MTV, Snoop explained that Platinum packs a lot of energy in it and it oozes high levels of emotion and deep feelings. Snoop said that when an artist plays a record, his aim is to make everyone in attendance bounce and move with the sound of the track, and he suggested that Platinum has that exact special quality. He called it ‘magic’ and said that artists, who possess this quality, know when to unleash that magic. He attributed that quality of ‘knowing his audience’ and being aware of ‘what to do when’ as the prime reason why he has survived in the tumultuous music industry, which has thrown out many of his peers from the rap pinnacle, unlike him.

Snoop sometimes starts songs on a slower and relaxed note and according to the rapper himself, he saves up the best for the climax so that audience goes with him deep into the song. Once he brings the listeners to the position where he wants, he unleashes the magic which forces the fans to replay the music again and again.

About the developmental process, Snoop said that an artist should have the ability to identify the real magic, before being able to do it himself.

In another interview that took place earlier this week, the West Coast musician had also talked about how being able to adapt his personality and musical style according to the evolving needs of the listeners, has helped him stamp his authority on the music business for nearly two decades now.

Snoop explained that all the reinventing and flexible qualities were always in him and it was just about using the right one at the right time. He said that he has different personas which he presents at different times according to the era’s demands.

However, Snoop Dogg’s new album Doggumentary is just a big strong dose of ‘true’ Snoop Dogg and not a variety or collection of his different styles packed in one. when I do it all at once, when I do a concept that has all the songs, I don’t have enough time to change and act like this — it’s still me,” he justified.

Watch Snoop Dogg “Platinum” Featuring: R. Kelly, Produced by Lex Luger

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