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Wale and J. Cole Kick off NBA All-Star Weekend

Wale and J. Cole

Wale and J. Cole’s concert at Los Angeles’ House of Blues in front of a capacity crowd officially marked the beginning of the NBA All-Star weekend.

The crowd flocked to attend the event during the unusually chilly LA weather, but it was all worth it as Wale and Cole wooed them with an amazing performance. In addition, the show organizers treated the crowd to a surprise.

During the performance of the hit song ‘In the Morning,’ Drake unexpectedly appeared on the stage, with the listeners going bonkers as soon as the song’s starting tune played.

On Valentine’s Day, the video of ‘In the Morning’ was released by Drake and Cole, and it contains raw footage from the Canadian rappers’ European tour titled ‘Lights, Dreams and Nightmare.’

In the pre-concert interview, Cole told MTV News that their aim was to keep the video organic, but it has grown into something even larger than their expectations.

Cole said that their intention was to keep the video very simple and away from all the Hype Williams-esque flash, but it became viral and that led to its incredible success. He also revealed that he had been in LA for a couple of weeks, during which he attended the Grammy Awards as well as overseeing the development of his project with Kendrick Lamar.

Cole also lauded the NBA All Star weekend and expressed his desire to play in an All Star celebrity game.

Drake wasn’t the only surprise package for the fans on the night. His fellow Canadian, singer Melanie Fiona, also teamed up with Wale to execute the debut performance of ‘Beautiful Bliss.’

Wale’s own on-stage arrival had his trademark energy, which soared by the time he performed his material from the ‘More about Nothing’ mixtape and ‘Attention Deficit.’

The outstanding crowd response was nothing new for Wale, although he admitted that the notion of it being a part of the NBA All Star weekend is what made the occasion special.

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