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Is the Joint ‘Britney Spears-Nicki Minaj’ Tour a Good Idea?

britney spears nicki minaj

A few days after Enrique Iglesias pulled out of a joint tour with Britney Spears, rumors surfaced that the pop diva would be teaming up with rapper and singer Nicki Minaj along with new artists like Nervo and Jessie and the Toyboys as the side acts. The two stars will hit the road together on the Femme Fatale tour.

Many music enthusiasts may be a bit confused at this strange combination, as both the divas have very different singing styles, but experts on this subject think that the Britney and Nicki will be a perfect recipe for a hit tour.

NYC-based marketing and branding group Brandsway Creative’s Matt Levine said that bringing together an established name like Britney Spears with one of the new super stars of this generation, Nicki Minaj, is a brilliant idea from the music business aspect.

He said that the current music scene has become so diversified that two singers of totally different styles will be a much bigger hit, as it will offer more variety to the audience. The concertgoers will have two flavors in one show, and fans like that nowadays.

The Venetian and Palazzo hotels’ director of public relations Dawn M. Britt believes that seeing this unique combination proves one thing: girl power. She explained that both the stars generate the girl power vibe and the combination of Barbie and Femme Fatale themes would be a lucrative marketing tool.

She further added that Nicki collaborated with a lot of mainstream artists and a large portion of both her and Britney’s audiences are fond of both the kinds of music, which means that they will be extremely excited to see both of them under one roof in one show.

Britt further said that the seemingly strange combo makes total sense as Britney and Minaj are two of the biggest active female artists on the music scene. She said that a legend like Britney, who is in the process of making a musical comeback, will be a huge hit on the road.

She pointed towards the fan-response garnered by Britney in her three-song Rain nightclub performance a few weeks ago, and said that the Femme Fatale tour will be one of the most highly anticipated musical events of the year.

She also hyped up Nicki Minaj, who has been in high demand in recent times because of her vibrant personality and crazy lyrical prowess.

Pollstar’s chief editor Gary Bongiovanni also thinks that Britney plus Minaj is a great idea, as according to him, Britney needed a strong personality to share the high expectations of fans. His point was that Britney is turning a new corner of her musical career and fans’ response could be unpredictable during the first few shows, therefore sharing the shows with another artist seems like a well thought out plan.

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