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Britney Spears Thrills Rain Nightclub Audience with ‘Hold It Against Me’ Promo

britney spears hold it against me

Jersey Shore star DJ Pauly D set the stage at the Palms Casino and Resort’s Rain nightclub with a compilation video of Britney Spears’ best live performances. The wild crowd went even more berserk when moments later, the pop superstar made the entry on stage.

Dressed in a spectacular sequined bodysuit, Britney marked her arrival on stage by performing the first single of her upcoming album “Hold It Against Me.”

Throughout the duration of the song, Britney was engulfed by beefy male dancers who supported her tremendously. All possible efforts were made to make Britney look more glamorous, including the utilization of wind machines that hurled the singer’s hair back, creating a very sexy and refined look on stage.

Once the crowd was possessed by the Britney beauty and her sexy dance moves, she then followed it up with “Big Fat Bass”– a song produced by Black Eyed

While her dancers were dressed in yellow outfits, Britney was sporting a skin tight body suit. Her on-stage entrance was out of a speakerbox and its sheer creativity sent the crowd in frenzy.

Her first song was more of a medley, as it featured her previous hits such as “Slave 4 U,” “3” and “Gimme More,” which gave the audience multiple flavors in one go. She got so pumped up during the performance that she uncontrollably climbed up on a speaker while dancing.

The theme for her next song “till the world Ends” was modern techno type with LED lights flashing all across the stage. Britney’s black bodysuit was now covered with red LED lights, while additional ladders and sexy male dancers swarmed around the stage.

She always enjoys performances of this kind and it was no different this time either. She was smiling and her fans were also responding to her brilliant dance moves.

Her choreographer had chosen flirtatious dancing for the song on purpose, which was very well appreciated by the audience. To end her 30 minute show at the club, the “Oops I Did It Again” singer climbed up on one of the platforms through a ladder and did her spinning dance move up there. The stage was lit up by fireworks, while Britney swiveled her hair and continued her dancing until the song ended.

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