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Kanye West Labeled Captain Planet by CyHi Da Prynce

cyhi da prince

Speaking to the Mixtape Daily, the up-and-coming MC said that Kanye West is their ‘Captain Planet’ as he possesses all the individual qualities that are the specialties of his protégés.

You all know Captain Planet and his band of merry tree huggers out to save the planet from pollution. Prynce described himself as heart, Big Sean as water, Teyana Taylor as Wind, Pusha T as fire, and saved the best character for their leader and mentor Kanye, who he thinks is a combination of special talents.

Does this means that Mr. Hudson is Earth? Captain Planet had five elements, last time we checked.

Anyways, credit should be given where it’s due and there is little doubt that Yeezy has done a wonderful job in promoting his minions to the mainstream media.

The “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” singer is fresh out of making the crowd crazy with his music at the Texas-held South by Southwest music festival, where most of his crew supported him on stage including, Pusha T and Prynce, in addition to the other big of the music industry, Jay-Z.

Following the show, Prynce commented that the best thing about Kanye is his friendliness and the straight up honesty, something which makes him different from all the major music personalities nowadays.

CyHi said that he wishes the media and the masses would see that side of Kanye and know him better, as it is about time that the misconceptions regarding Kanye are removed.

He compared the situation to people saying things behind someone’s back and then becoming very careful with what they say to the person. CyHi thinks that this element of the society, of passing inaccurate judgment about one another, is wrong and needs to be stopped.

Instead, Prynce thinks that people should make a better use of honesty, as its absence lets matters get out of control and reach a point where everything gets crazy.

He reiterated that the much-maligned West is as honest as they come these days, and that is what he admires about him.

When the quality of his work in the studios is not as high as usual, Prynce said that instead of sugar-coating his comments to soften the blow, Kanye would let him know straight up, so that he can gauge himself, make improvements and come back strongly, with more quality.

He said that in return, he always takes Kanye’s criticism as positive, considering the level of success and experience that Kanye has.

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