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Panic! At The Disco Talk About New Album ‘Vices & Virtues’

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Panic! At The Disco’s album “Vices & Virtues” is their first studio product after a hiatus of three years, during which time the band also parted ways with former members Jon Walker and Ryan Ross.

As their fans know, Panic! At The Disco posted a short movie-like teaser video titled “The Overture,” which was taken very warmly by their supporters. However, what still remains unknown is the motive and meaning behind such a release by a group that produces music and not movies.

The mini-teaser opens up with the band’s lead vocalist Brendon Urie telling two men (whose faces weren’t visible) that he will miss them, but they have to go their separate ways. Obviously, the two men are supposed to be the departed members Walker and Ross.

The leftover duo then embarks on a frenzied voyage for an unknown destination, which the fans believe is an indication that Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith want to forget what’s in the past and head for the future.

Those beliefs may be partially accurate, but in an interview with MTV News, Urie and drummer Smith revealed that the clip’s real intent was to portray the difficulties that the band faced to reach to the point where it stands right now.

Urie said that the best word to sum up their whole “Overture” experience would be perseverance. Then he echoed the fans beliefs and said that the clip is also about letting the problems of the past go and focus on what lies ahead.

He said that this is exactly what they’re doing, as they don’t exactly know which direction the band is going to go now. While it may not be perfect, that is the beauty of testing out the unknown.

He further added that this message was something they wanted to put in front of their fans, and “The Overture” was a perfect source to put it. Although they refused to put names on the two men shown at the beginning of the clip, it is safe to assume that they were actually channeling the departed duo.

However, getting over troubles and negativity is nothing new for the band, as right from their debut album “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out,” Panic! At The Disco has endured rudeness of record companies and continuous speculation about their future. So they shouldn’t have much trouble on getting past this minor hiccup too.

At the end, Urie said that the idea behind showing the two Ross and Walker-like figures was to let everyone know that they are pushing ahead with the ideas, which they originally wanted to pursue, and find their own direction.

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