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Travie McCoy and Gym Class Heroes Working on Next Album

travie mccoy

Travie McCoy’s main motive behind releasing “Lazarus” last year was to supply his fans with a collection for the ‘good times.’

Those good times marked the beginning of a great time for McCoy, who then got to tour with Ke$ha and Rihanna, followed it up with several singles that performed admirably and, in spite of the fact that a year has passed, his good times are still going strong.

Although “Lazarus” is still doing well, McCoy has realized that it’s the right time to turn his attention to his next project, “Gym Class Heroes.”

He has long talked about the group’s new product “The Papercut Chronicles II,” but it seems like that talk has finally become action as there is some headway in the album’s production. He has informed the band’s supporters that the new product will definitely be available this year.

McCoy divulged that they have so far tried out at least 30 to 35 demo songs and a lot of work has been done already. He said that now it’s about picking the best of the bunch, rather than collecting a bunch, which means that the final shape of the album is starting to coalesce.

Further, he revealed that a song featuring Maroon 5’s Adam Levine is in the final stages of production – consequently, the first fruit of their new album might drop a lot sooner than expected.

No matter how long the Lazarus project continues to shine, McCoy believes that its time they should make more music rather than basking in the glory of what has been done in the past.

Title-wise, “The Papercut Chronicles II” is the continuation of their second studio album “The Papercut Chronicles,” and McCoy suggests that there is a much deeper and larger connection between the two albums rather than the obvious title similarity.

McCoy shared information about a strangely titled song “Kid Nothing and the Nothing to Kid Abouts,” which he thinks would disclose the most clear and apparent connection between the two albums. He said that the song would pick up matters from the same place where “Kid Nothing vs. the Echo Factor” – a track from their previous album, left it.

He compared the combined content and sound of the song to the legendary Nine Inch Nails project and said that it is still in developmental mode, so there is every chance that the final version is going to sound even smoother.

He is mum about the identities of those special guests who would feature on “The Papercut Chronicles II,” but his body language gave the indication that they’ll be some exciting ones.

McCoy intends to dedicate himself to the studios once all the touring ends, which means that the hip hop group can be expected to drop the follow up to “The Papercut Chronicles” soon.

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