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Is Gaga Hit ‘Born This Way’ Madonna-Influenced?

Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ has been the favorite talk subject among many music enthusiasts since the moment she decided to release the song two days early.

The song quickly shot to the number one spot on iTunes; that fact reflects the level of love the fans have for their beloved Fame Monster. However, shortly after its release, many music experts started comparing Born This Way’s tracks with those of another pop queen: Madonna. With the reactions coming thick and fast, MTV contacted some of the Gaga-music experts to share their take on the song. page go Is Gaga Hit Born This Way Madonna Influenced? Continue reading Is Gaga Hit ‘Born This Way’ Madonna-Influenced? »

The-Dream: Getting His Act Together

Play The-Dream’s Duet with Kim Kardashian On “Turn It Up”

Life is full of ups and downs, and who knows this better than Terius Youngdell Nash, better known as ‘The-Dream’ in the music industry. Just a year ago, the artist was ready to end his musical career and even his life, as he later admitted to having suicidal thoughts. This, coming from an artist who has powered hit songs for artists as big as Mariah Carey and Rihanna, seems disturbing. page go The Dream: Getting His Act Together Continue reading The-Dream: Getting His Act Together »

“Rock the Tube” Video Contest Winners

Thanks to all of you who participated in the “Rock the Tube” video contest. Each of the winners will receive $500 worth of gift certificates to be used on our sponsors’ websites plus 50,000 points to redeem for cash and prizes on! The Grand Prize winner will also receive and Apple iPad.t Our winning entries:

Grand Prize Winner – Most Effort, Best Results! – “Grenade”

by Nikoroller2

page go Rock the Tube Video Contest Winners Continue reading “Rock the Tube” Video Contest Winners »

Slick Marketing for an Old Genre

bso Slick Marketing for an Old GenreAnyone with a keen eye in the music industry will know that there are some genres that are doomed to extinction and others that are only going to be truly appreciated by people at the periphery. Classical music is one of these genres. Although it was all the rage in the 18th and 19th centuries, it has been squeezed out of the mainstream and is now mostly enjoyed by old pensioners and the odd musically inclined young adult or teenager. Classical music appreciation, unfortunately, is almost non-existent amongst the younger members of our society. It has to compete with the likes of Taylor Swift and Eminem and their packaged, consumer-friendly tunes and rhythms. page go Slick Marketing for an Old Genre Continue reading Slick Marketing for an Old Genre »

New Harmonies Tour Hits the Road

new harmonies New Harmonies Tour Hits the RoadThe Smithsonian Institute gears up to launch its New Harmonies tour to different states including Minnesota. It plans to take the show on the road featuring what they bill as a musical history exhibit. The Tour will be passing through Minnesota, Ohio, Mississippi, New Jersey and North Carolina. The communities in these states are expected to take the lead in hosting the performances and other activities tied up with the exhibit. page go New Harmonies Tour Hits the Road Continue reading New Harmonies Tour Hits the Road »

After the Show—Following Grimm

grimm After the Show—Following GrimmBefore the night of the 5th America’s Got Talent season finale took place, who would have thought that anybody else could be America’s favorite than Prince P and Jackie? True enough, every show has its own twist of fate; you can’t expect anything more unpredictable than the result of a talent show. After putting his best foot forward the night before the finale, Michael Grimm was announced as the next America’s Got Talent victor. So: what’s he been up to since his big win? page go After the Show—Following Grimm Continue reading After the Show—Following Grimm »

Opinion: Chroniclers of our Age

bottle rockets Opinion: Chroniclers of our AgeSome of the most colorful, spirited and controversial figures in music history were active during the 1960′s, and most of them hailed from the United States. The 60’s was a decade of social unrest; the young adults of the baby boomer generation had entered their 20’s, and an unpopular war was raging halfway across the world. Young men and women joined together like never before, and the revolutions that followed were unlike any others mankind has ever seen, for they centered on music, art, literature and so on. Music, in particular, played a very important role in rallying the generation towards a common goal, and artists like Bob Dylan chronicled this age with skill and delicacy. page go Opinion: Chroniclers of our Age Continue reading Opinion: Chroniclers of our Age »

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