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Boeing backed Music Website to Highlight All Local Music Events in Chicago

BoeingBoeing has contributed $150,000 towards the creation of an interactive website to comprehensively promote local Music events and venues in Chicago.

Initially focused on Jazz music with a game plan in the works to expand and cover other genres, a new website collaboration project with Boeing and local music locations in Chicago plan to provide visitors a comprehensive website to help visitors find out who’s playing, where and when.

“There’s a need for an aggregator,” says Tracie Hall, Chicago Community Investor at Boeing. “A place that not only shows what’s playing where, but that brings the music community together – owners and operators and audiences, (where people can) look at the information, talk together, build this online community. The city of Austin [Texas] is able to portray itself as Music City, just by saying, ‘We’re the musical capital of the world.’ [However] in Chicago on any night, we have the same or more than Austin.”


With a target release date set for June to coincide with the Chicago’s summer music festival, the website which is being built by Elastic, will include both high-profile and smaller neighborhood music rooms, in addition to clubs, concert halls, and even restaurants as well to encompass everything music. Beyond the website itself, a magazine, video and live streaming are all on the table.

“We want to show people – whether they’re in Chicago or visiting from Iowa or visiting from Japan – that there’s more to our music scene than what exists within a two-mile radius of downtown,” says Sam Lewis, co-director of Elastic (with Paul Giallorenzo). “We want them to get to experience local artists and experience the real flavor of the Chicago scene.”

“The arts have always been in the position to lead the way into neighborhoods where people may not be comfortable going. We want to help revitalize some of those neighborhoods.”

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