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itunesThe internet has literally changed the way we do everything. Even listen to music. No longer do you have to run out to your local music store to pick up a CD. Instead you can listen to it online and even take it with you everywhere you go on your smart phone. These days it is all about Internet Radio sites like HitsRadio as they offer quicker, affordable, free and more convenient way to access the music you love. But what are your options if you want to purchase and download the music you hear on

There is only one that can be considered the best and that is iTunes. iTunes is without a doubt the most popular online music store in existence. They have over 20 million tracks in their database and have sold over 25 billion songs as of 2013.

The great thing about iTunes is they will often have the latest albums available within hours, sometimes minutes of hearing it on Some online music stores won’t have new music until weeks after it has been released. Who wants to wait weeks to get access to your favorite new songs?

Other big companies such as Google and Amazon have opened their own online music stores in recent years. We’re a big fan of the Amazon Store file format and ease of getting our MP3’s onto our devices but, neither one can compare to iTunes. It is truly in a league of its own. You won’t find another store more organized and user friendly than the iTunes store. And thanks to the dedicated app syncing your music with all of your devices is a breeze. Just set-up an account, search for your music, pay for it, synch and listen to it. Of course, when you’re ready to experience an easy, laid back experience, there’s nothing better than

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